Perspectives is simply an outlet for me to organize and record my thoughts on architecture and strategy. Feel free to join the conversation, for, as a wise man once observed, “victory is won through many advisers.”

My background is in software development, software project management, systems architecture (multiple products working together), product line architecture (multiple products built from common assets), and strategic product planning.

I’m rarely far from a bountiful bookshelf or a well-pointed pencil (with a good eraser). I enjoy reading history (mostly ancient), and classic literature and poetry; learning about languages (mostly ancient); solving puzzles; and observing corporate behaviors. Some of this will no doubt seep through in my ruminations on strategy and architecture.

I also enjoy a nice glass of wine with pleasant company – “After-dinner talk / Across the walnuts and the wine.” (Alfred Lord Tennyson)

I tweet about strategy, architecture, and education technology @satchellvsl; and about Christian life, family, and personal reading @stchll. You can contact me directly at satchra@gmail.com.

     Randall J. Satchell


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